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Who are we?

We are a team of highly experienced and successful software innovators whose leadership has founded, grown and successfully exited two software companies (one by Microsoft).
We offer multiple areas of expertise and are certified in each one.
We will not rest until we have helped our clients achieve success.
We are driven by core values of integrity, teamwork and perseverance backed by talent.

What do we do?

Our name says it all: We help new VENtures take successful FORM. That’s Venform.
Imagine a common scenario: you have a successful enterprise with steady revenue but have an instinctive feeling the “cloud” may impede your core business if you don’t have a strategy in place to incorporate it. You need to act before your competitors make the leap. Enter Venform.
At Venform, we assist established enterprises in conquering the cloud. We meet with you to discuss your specific business needs and aid in selecting the right platform for your company. We collaborate with your team to manage the project, build the software and test and release it so you can hit the ground running.

What services do we offer?

We provide basic operational services such as office, legal, accounting and finance, human resources and others.
We provide cloud consulting services on the three major platforms – Amazon, Azure and Google. The consulting service ranges from initial strategy development all the way to building, deploying, supporting and life cycle management.
We have our own IP that helps our customers to rapidly go from concept to go live by using our Venform Cloud Application Framework.
Our customers choose the exact service they need from the above set. We work on contracts that cost less upfront to our customers and align our fees to achieving success for them.

Venform Cloud App Framework- High Level Features

  • Front-end on AngularJS
  • Pluggable Login Forms
  • Pluggable Event Listeners
  • Configurable Components
  • Cloud Agnostic Front-End
  • API Management
  • RESTful APIs
  • Configurable Logging Infrastructure
  • Cloud Agnostic Services
  • Pluggable Architecture
  • Cloud Agnostic Database Layer
  • Legacy Database Support
  • No SQL Support
  • ETL Support
  • Pluggable Data Warehouse

Operational Services

Cloud Consulting Services

Venture Studio

Cloud App Framework

Venform has developed core intellectual property called the Venform Cloud Solution Framework, a working set of application code written in Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, Swift and other languages, and offers this as a starting point for all our cloud projects at no additional charge to our customers. We believe in quick implementation of our projects and believe this framework and other value-added benefits we provide for our customers set us apart from our competitors.

Industry Solutions

Our venture studio collaborates with companies in the following industry verticals: healthcare, consumer and business-to-business internet, retail, manufacturing, distribution and financial services. Our advanced capabilities in these verticals enable us to provide our customers with unparalleled solutions and service.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things adoption has received a boost due to the advent of cloud services. Streaming data from IoT devices can be more easily and cost effectively processed and acted on at a lower cost on the cloud as compared to a dedicated infrastructure.

Venform’s IoT project approach is one that starts with the core business justification. From there we apply our knowledge of the right set of services at the right price point of total cost of ownership.

Venture Studio

Business owners and leaders are used to planning and strategizing. However, the pace of new technology entering the market has bewildered even some of the smartest business owners and their leadership team. In many cases, business owners are not in the technology industry but have to assess how to take advantage of it and apply it to their company.

Our philosophy with the venture studio is to create a symbiotic partnership with a business owner, his or her leadership team and staff and our team. We first help the business owner identify a core opportunity which will be better served if done in a protected “box” which contains a clear entrepreneurial mission, key financial and human resources and access to the corporate systems. The goals of this opportunity are defined in terms of business and technical metrics, and the entry and exit criteria are clearly defined. We take leadership of this venture on behalf of our customer, deliver on the goals and then transition it back to the company for scaling and further growth.

Cloud Platforms

Our approach is to find our customers the best platform for their given usage scenario. We believe all of the three leading cloud solution platforms are solid and a good choice overall. However, for a given use case, a particular platform maybe more suited from a feature and functionality standpoint as well as when cost is factored in. We work with AWS, Microsoft Azure as well as Google Cloud Platform.

Amazing Support Before and After You Go Live

We are in the business of taking exceptional care of our customers. In order to do that, we offer full support for the software we deliver them. We do this because we understand that our customers depend on our solutions to successfully run their day-to-day business.