Manufacturing and Distribution

We have extensive expertise in helping customers leverage the cloud for optimization of manufacturing and distribution.


Manufacturers have a lot of capital equipment deployed in their operations, and just-in-time manufacturing, inventory hosting and other requirements have become the norm. They can, however, gain greater insight into their supply and demand chains by employing machine learning and AI algorithms using cloud platforms. In addition, they can achieve better utilization and overall management of their capital equipment and manufactured products by applying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.


Distributors play a pivotal role in the overall supply chain between retailers and manufacturers. They must not only perform effective merchandising to minimize returns but also execute returns processing from end customers and with manufacturers. By applying AI and machine learning algorithms, these processes can be optimized, and overall inventory carrying can be reduced.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Manufacturers and distributors must manage both their demand and supply chains through effective forecasting, especially as they deal with multiple distributors, retailers and, in some cases, end customers. Through the application of the same AI and machine learning algorithms utilized for manufacturing and distribution, they can efficiently control those supply and demand chains to reduce overall costs to the system.