Financial Services

We have a proven track record of working with financial services companies and offer cloud services targeted to them.

Consumer FinTech

Consumer financial services have exploded in both breadth and depth of offerings, and with a myriad of available credit, debit and financial services offerings, there is no end to the type of services possible. By applying AI and machine learning, these companies can use existing data to gain actionable intelligence.

Payment Services

Payment services continue to proliferate, and payment providers have emerged to serve every inch of the market. Through the implementation of a consistent programming interface, payment gateways enable merchants to access various providers.

Data Science

The financial services industry generates a lot of data, and by combining that data with that of other publicly available sources (e.g. census or weather data), they have the opportunity to gain greater insight. Plus, the vast amount of data already available from both banking and non-banking financial institutions can be turned into actionable intelligence through the application of AI and machine learning.