Venform Framework

We offer our own framework to get our customers started quickly.

Venform has developed core intellectual property called the Venform Cloud Solution Framework, a working set of application code written in Python, JavaScript, C# and Swift. This application suite is built to easily address the needs of IoT, AI/ML and other application use cases and makes it easy to develop and deploy applications on AWS, Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms. We assist our customers in developing new applications using our framework, allowing them to enjoy business transformation with scalability, performance, security and user mobility. We offer this framework as a starting point for all our cloud projects at no additional charge to our customers.

Mobile App Framework

Venform is proficient in developing mobile applications built on our Cloud Solution Framework. We believe in quick implementation of our projects and believe this framework and other value-added benefits we provide for our customers set us apart from our competitors.

Machine learning and AI Framework

AI applications sit on the top of AI framework provided by cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Azure and Google. Our Cloud Framework application suite is built to easily address the needs of the AI/ML application use cases and is offered at no additional charge to our customers for their AI/machine learning projects.

Web Application Framework

Venform Web application Framework provides ready to go functionalities that can enable you to quickly start building your web application. This framework comes with built in authentication/authorization, access control, auditing and logging modules as well as configurable components that enables you to focus on developing your business logic , while the framework take care of the rest. Adding CRUD functionality to our customers’ applications is easy accomplished with the Venform Web application Framework. We help you quickly build modern web application for searching, creating and updating data on your database.