Platforms we support

We support the following platforms today and are adding support for additional platforms in the future.

Amazon Web Services

Our AWS consulting services give us the opportunity to work with customers to assess their cloud readiness, discuss design solutions for their new applications and devise a plan to move them to AWS before executing that plan. Our solutions architects’ aptitude in building and managing applications in a highly-secure cloud setting is unparalleled, and we ensure our customers have visibility to usage and threats while increasing their business agility. As a cloud vendor-agnostic consulting firm, we also are able to aid customers in selecting either AWS, Azure or the Google cloud based on their specific requirements.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure’s PaaS and hybrid cloud capabilities along with its compatibility with .Net programming language make it easy for enterprises to move their Windows-based applications. Venform’s founders have decades of Microsoft technology experience and have built a team of Azure experts who are also adept at .Net programming. These experts not only understand how to work with customers to move their application to Azure cloud but also are able to develop applications using Microsoft technologies, enabling customers to run these applications on Azure in a short amount of time.

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Google Cloud Platform

Venform guides customers in planning, moving, operating and managing their enterprise applications in Google Cloud Platform. We also assist them in developing new applications using our framework, allowing them to enjoy business transformation with scalability, performance, security and user mobility. With Google Cloud Storage solutions, customers can implement high-end backup and recovery, active archiving, global file sharing/collaboration and primary SAN/NAS (Storage Area Networks/Network Attached Storage). Plus, Google’s Big Data solutions let them capture, process, store, analyze and visualize their data within a single platform.

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