We bring retail domain knowledge and technical expertise to cloud transformation projects managed by retailers.


All successful retailers have incredibly well-tuned catalog management systems. They also face numerous challenges including managing product data for extensiveness and accuracy, adding new products, merchandising, managing multi-channel catalogs and supplier data interchange and maintaining cross-product relationships. By applying cloud services such as advanced machine learning technologies to their catalog management systems, retailers can develop differentiated catalogs that result in better conversion and higher revenues.

Inventory Management

Inventory management and forecasting are key challenges for retailers and have traditionally been guided by historical trends, anecdotal learnings and stock-outs using their own systems. However, with the advent of cloud-based services for computing and machine learning, information including extended supply chain data, end user reviews, weather forecast data and more can be incorporated into the forecasting process. Both supervised and unsupervised machine learning and optimization algorithms can be deployed to identify observed patterns, correlations and relationships among data elements and supply chain decisions, thereby resulting in a more effective supply chain management solution.


Efficient fulfillment often makes the difference between a profitable sale and a loss. With the proliferation of click and collect, third-party fulfillment and other logistical factors, the job of the retailer has never been more complex. By applying machine learning and AI techniques to the fulfillment processes, we can help optimize margins while simultaneously keeping customers happy. This technology also aids in shipper selection (carrier and service level), resulting in lower cost for retailers while meeting key customer needs.