About us

Who are we?

We are a team of highly experienced and successful software innovators whose leadership has founded, grown and successfully exited two software companies (one by Microsoft).

We offer multiple areas of expertise and are certified in each one.

We will not rest until we have helped our clients achieve success.

We are driven by core values of integrity, teamwork and perseverance backed by talent.

What do we do?

Our name says it all: We help new VENtures take successful FORM. That’s Venform.

Imagine a common scenario: you have a successful enterprise with steady revenue but have an instinctive feeling the “cloud” may impede your core business if you don’t have a strategy in place to incorporate it. You need to act before your competitors make the leap. Enter Venform.

At Venform, we assist established enterprises in conquering the cloud. We meet with you to discuss your specific business needs and aid in selecting the right platform for your company. We collaborate with your team to manage the project, build the software and test and release it so you can hit the ground running.